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it's like the feeling you get when everyone except for you gets sick with coronavirus.

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top hats

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Nevertheless, in the context you were writing bucket hat I think the correct meaning you wanted to convey was that you always take off your hat "regardless of gender." Glad to know you will be doing it right in both instances. Have a great weekend! Good question. The answer in general is not on the dining table. Beyond this it is up to you where you choose to place your hat, including on the chair next to you, on your chairback, on your lap, or on top of or in your backpack or briefcase& perhaps even having it checked with coat check. It is tough, but it cannot be on the table or on your head. If anyone has any other "good" ideas, do share! Good luck. I am from the south and have been raised with the understanding that men do not wear hats inside the house, at the dinner table nor at church.

How can I say this nicely without yelling it in all caps& what century are you from?, and what part of western civilization do you live in? You clearly have a myopic and up turned nose vantage point in regard to wearing baseball hats in all encompassing arenas just because you, a self-important, hoity-toity blatherer(along with your followers unfortunately), deem it hat look proper. First off, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a baseball hat in a restaurant, it just depends, casual upscale and beyond would lead to the chagrin of the other patrons in addition to the people at your table, however, there are a ton a of casual restaurants where it's more than acceptable to wear a cap, even shorts, the ambiance for such establishments encourage a loose style.

Any hat worn cowboy hat by men must be taken off indoors& except when in uniform. I hope this clarifies your daughter's confusion. Good luck! Dear Jennifer: Being of a certain age and not hearing or learning something does not mean something doesn't exist. With the world in which we live becoming more diverse and ever changing, there are guidelines that have changed over the years as new situations are invented. For men it has never been appropriate to leave their cowboy hats, fedora hats, or even baseball caps on at the dining table. For those households that did allow this& then that's where it stands& you were allowed, but it doesn't make it overall best. Yes, historically Women were allowed to keep their "decorative" hats on at a dining table, because it was part of their apparel& before they ever wore caps and top hat other outdoor type hats.

Tradition only means something if their is a good reason for it. In this case, there is not. Dear M: You hit the nail on the head when you stated people do things for "their own reasons" and in so doing they are being selfish and perhaps disrespectful and inappropriate to others. Time honored guidelines were and are established for a reason. Perhaps it is best to always investigate why you might do something a certain way fully before taking action on your own without regard for others. This is what etiquette is all about. Being sensitive to how your actions affect others and the environment in which you are experiencing. Everyone has their own reasons though, I happen to have horrible scaring on my forehead so wearing a hat keep me from having to deal with the embarrassment of questions and stares.

Personally, it's more embarrassing to not wear a hat even if it's going to ruffle some feathers, which makes me wonder, why does it do that anyways? Why is it anyone's business? Should I be shamed for hiding what's going to ultimately make me embarrassed anyways? I agree with Ben. I never wear any type of hats, ever& . But my uncle is a very southern gent and he wears his so much I think the skin on his head is in the shape of a hat. I have only seen him remove it at churches, funerals, weddings, etc& Restaurants? Indoors? At the dinner table? Who cares. It's your selfishness and YOUR problem if it bothers you. What about the person wearing the hat? I know for a fact my uncle absolutely finds it loathsome to e without his hat.

If there was a meter on how bothersome it was to people around him, the way it makes him feel would be insurmountable compared to yours. Let the country man keep his hat on. Don't you care about what makes top hats your guest happy??? I felt the same way a Ben, it sounds like you all have your nose in the air. In the Jewish tradition, the converse idea equally shows respect for the superior authority of God. Wearing a kippah or yarmulke means the wearer is acknowledging the vast gulf of power, wisdom, and authority that separates God from mankind. It is a sign of humility to wear a yarmulke. There is a common phrase that explains this, saying that "there's always something above you" if you're wearing a yarmulke, Image helping you remember you're human and God is infinite.
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