Fish Feed Pelletizing Technology and Equipment

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Fish Feed Pelletizing Technology and Equipment

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Pelletizing technological know-how and gear is an essential thing affecting fish feed quality.
1. Fish feed pellet mill
The overall performance of fish feed pellet mill is quintessential for fish feed pellet quality. In phrases of die thickness and compression ratio, the fish feed pellet mill desires to be geared up with a die of wonderful thickness and excessive compression rate.
2. Fish pellet feed extruding machine
Extruded feed is a widespread of extremely good fish feed. And fish pellet extruding computing device can be used to produce floating fish feed pellet, sinking fish pellet feed, and floating-sinking fish feed pellet to meet one-of-a-kind feeding necessities of quite a number fishes.
3. Fish feed pellet cooler
Cooling the completed feed pellets with excessive temperature and humidity is for nicely pellet packing and storage. But the speedy cooling is no longer available, due to the fact it will motive cracks in pellets surface, therefore weakening the water resisting property of pellet feed. Counter-flow pellet cooler and horizontal pellet cooler are the two sorts of commonly-used cooling tools with perfect cooling effect.

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