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Thread: zeeky; please check PMs

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    Default zeeky; please check PMs

    thanks bud

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin Credible View Post
    1. taste on your tongue???? only benefit is you know you drilled it 2. your hearing goes from 10 to 1 like a volume knob being turned down fairly fast. 3. intense rush beyond anything i have ever done. nothing comes close. 4. extreme euphoria and auditory hallucinations 5. body high that lasts 30 minutes where you get random boners and waves of the euphoria.

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    would copy and paste it but can't pull sent message up, anywhoo

    was at WSP new years long ago and couldn't find anything (boomers,rolls) in the lot to get thru last show, found some wookie selling god-knows-what (she said it was E, shitty press looked terrible but was about 5 minutes before going in..never trust a lot kid on good faith)...couldn't even make it past first set without falling asleep.

    long story short
    asked a legit junkie(?) (zeek) what it may have been...Ketamine? i have no fucking clue but was horrible xp

    *specificity edit
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    replied, and yes it does sound a lot like ketamine. although im not sure about ketamines oral bioavailability, if you managed to take enough of it it'd probably have you behaving like that. Hard to speculate though.


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