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Thread: paypal acct killed... linking a clean account to an ebay will kill another one?

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    Default paypal acct killed... linking a clean account to an ebay will kill another one?


    Lets say if a paypal is dead because of some bullshit. If you have an ebay with a high rating and use a new paypal (a friends), will they fuck the new paypal too because the same ebay acct is using it?

    Does one need to make a whole new ebay with new info and a whole new/clean paypal?

    The ebay account in question is fine with over 600 perfect ratings with no problem in the past. Supposedly the paypal was canned because had another one before and didn't cross link it or something like that. I still don't even know for sure.

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    I am not 100% positive but here is what happened to me back when the cross linking pp/ebay accts started. Lost PP due to BS... Linked another one to the same account... lost it over some bullshit again. Added a new one... lost it again. NOT right way, I was able to use it for a while but it seemed like ever since I kept adding my new paypal to old ebay account I was under constant monitoring from PP. As soon as I sold something electronic (like iPods) PAYPAL witheld the funds and wanted proof of purchase for them. Sometimes I did not have proof as I bought stolen ones and try to sell em, so I lost the account. Other times when I DID have receipts and sent them over to Paypal they did not accept them. Ended up losing money, my eBay account started to get negs due to the wait time / inconvenience / never shipped items. After that I quit ebay.

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    i would make new info i think ebay owns paypal now

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    Idk what you people do but I've had the same paypal since ~2000 and I've never had any problems. They called me once to ask what the ~$600 payment I received was for the very first payment I got on the account and I told them it was a payment for a business transaction they said ok and have never contacted me since.


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