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Thread: Anyone heard of Kryptotel (VPN) ?

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    Default Anyone heard of Kryptotel (VPN) ?

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of / used / or know someone who has used Kryptotel . I found a post on them that was really good but not much else information. Their rates are extremely cheap and when I asked them how they could afford to be so cheap (question was a little more detailed then that) they just ignored the question. There isn't any bad info on them, my logic was they probably already had all the security setup for whatever operation they have going and decided to sell access to make a few extra bucks. But someone brought up the idea that they could be a honeypot, so I don't know. Thoughts?

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    nah, but here: dreamvpn one month for a penny (3 countries, multiple servers per country)

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    jersey isn't for everyone brah, move along.


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