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Thread: camoList VPN and SSH Tunnel now accepting bitcoins

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    Default camoList VPN and SSH Tunnel now accepting bitcoins

    wanted to share on here that i am now accepting payment for VPN and SSH Tunnel accounts in bitcoins (in addition to paypal and google checkout)

    lot's of improvements and growth since this started back in 2010

    from 03-27-2010

    pricing for each service is currently
    12 months $36 ($3/month)
    6 months $24 ($4/month)
    1 month $5

    or the current bitcoin to USD rate

    you can find out more about each service by going to and

    both services are log / monitoring free but i feel the vpn offers higher anonymity

    on the vpn ips are shared you're hidden in the crowed of many others who are using the same ip so there is no way to tie usage to a particular user

    with the ssh tunnels each user has their own ip address and i'll have the email address you signed up in records with that account just to be able to provide support and keep track of renewals - use an anonymous email account and bitcoins and i have no clue who you are even if i was subpoenaed about your accounts ip address all i would have is that fake email and the bitcoin address

    the vpn is based on openvpn and i provide both a preconfigured installer and a openvpn configuration file that will let you use any openvpn client that supports .ovpn files

    both pages have a "Request Free Trial" link that requires no payment info at all so it's no risk to give it a try

    please let me know if you have any questions i'll be glad to help out however possible

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    UK server option has been added to the VPN page (it is available for the SSH Tunnels only by special request and is $2/month extra - just passing on the costs the host i use in the UK charges for ips)

    automatic renewing paypal subscription no longer requires a paypal account (will work with a credit/debt card)
    (the non auto renewing one time payments work with credit/debt cards as a guest just like it always has)

    fastest way of getting setup with an account using bitcoins is to submit a free trial account request then contacting me after you get the account sent to you and getting a bitcoin address


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