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Thread: Help Me Monetize My Shitty Blog

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    Thumbs up Help Me Monetize My Shitty Blog

    So as you might have noticed from my new sig... I have a blog up and running and would like to monetize it for when I hack texastakeover and redirect their traffic to my blog get more traffic going to my site, heh.

    All jokes aside, I have AdSense up and running on my site and it does okay, but I would like something else to promote since I know I'm going to get shitcanned by the big G for illegal content or something.

    Thoughts, Ideas?

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    where da spam shines


    content locker on album download links, or some shit like that. adsense you should be fine for a while so just slap that shit on your index. backlink to your album downloads from other music sites so your content locker gets traffic.

    or alternative to adsense: find a good ringtone offer and make / find a banner for it and just throw that where you would throw your ads. display is more customizable and you will make more $ with a good offer / traffic.

    you can easily get more traffic from youtube/backlink spam (for your shit just google album / mixtape titles and post comments linking back to your site). unfortunately with music sites your ctr will be low and you will want at least 1k visitors per day (who are downloading content locked albums) to see a decent profit. just keep posting til you have a nice backlog of posts and their links are out everywhere and people will find their way to your door.

    also put more $ / time into a legit looking theme and let users listen to at least a couple tracks from each tape on your blog posts

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    what Gray said. Content locking still brings good money.

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    Hi excuse my noob, What is considered "content locking"? Just putting up banners through affiliates? Can someone give me an example?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rekagear20 View Post
    Hi excuse my noob, What is considered "content locking"? Just putting up banners through affiliates? Can someone give me an example?
    google it
    a.k.a Hous Bin Pharteen

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    Got it somewhat figured out. But I think I have don't have enough content to start traffic. What's a good way to set up content? Like a shop,blog?

    EDIT: I guess I have a micro niche products so should I set up liek a shop? My plan was to lead people back to amazon etc through their affiliate programs. But it IS my first time around so I get it if this idea sucks.
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