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Thread: yahoo contact mailing software for sale

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    Arrow yahoo contact mailing software for sale

    yahoo contact/data mailer for sale. all inbox, no need to worry about rbl.
    http/socks 4/5 ready. can load proxy list locally or from url, auto refresh is user defined.
    can handle lists up to 4 gb in size. can load account list locally or from url.
    state of the art template and macro system. html and plain text mailing options. recognizes both email lists and csv full entries.
    logs accounts based on user-defined minimum number of contacts for future campaigns.
    can run continuously on loop for days/weeks without fail.
    on-the-fly generation for mailing campaigns for user defined X amount of mails sent. feature to share redirect with all threads.
    decaptcher + yahoo unlock&reactivate features included.
    runs smoothly at 250-1000 threads depending on hardware and connection.

    software will login to account list, grab contacts, mail to user-defined number of contacts before moving on to next account. software logs which contacts were mailed to, and continues where it left off in the address book upon next loop of list if continuous looping is enabled.

    has feature to remove bad accounts after campaign
    logs all found contacts locally.
    has account checker feature
    has feature to log captcha locked accounts locally if decaptcher feature is not running/credits run out

    selling 10 copies at $2000 each. this will be the best contact mailer you have used, that is a guarantee. I have references here that will vouch upon request. also have a hotmail version.

    PM with inquiries, serious offers only.

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    which references.

    Cowards die many times before their actual deaths.

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    i think twice costly it should be isnt it ? not trolling best of luck
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    u niggas are dirty, u guys r too quick to put the "BEWARE" title on a nigga who tryna feed himself

    i dont think dis nigga wrote anywhere that he is from jetbots, where do u see that? just cuz his username is jetbots and he registered in 2008 dont mean dat he be tryna say "YO THIS IS JETBOTS, IM SELLING A MAILER, U NIGGAS BUY OFF ME IM THE REAL JETBOTS"

    i dun see where he said that so yall fools shouldnt be so quick 2 call other niggas scammers what if dis is a nigga just tryna hustle?

    give dis nigga a chance, maybe ask him for a trial or somethin u feel me? plus i dont see saying anything about selling contact mailers so yall niggas stupid and im just gonna leave my post right here all up in ya faces

    i know who da real scammerz on dis forum are and i never seen dis guy before but yall just too quick to judge, plus i'd say blarenation is more of a scammer den like 90% of ppl on here he a carding ass mothafucka

    just my 2 cents yall, peac3 o0ut

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    ill vouch in here. this isnt the jetbots that made all those ridiculous bots lol. is a good program though someone should jump on it
    Coder for hire. Anything you need, outstanding prices and good return time.
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    this is a legitimate opportunity for anyone looking for yahoo software.

    contact me via pm for demo. have sold 2 copies already and neither of those people are complaining =)

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    Sorry in advance if this is legit, good to a demo offered to verify
    PS. I'm high right now.
    Yours Truly, Hairetsu Medical Marijuana Patient -coming soon {-.-}
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    vouching software works 10x better than mailerking, comparing the two is ludicrous
    PM me with forum questions or concerns and I will do my best to help

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    got demos? i'll check it out.
    Reppin Opium, GOL, INT, and IXA.


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    4 copies sold to reputable members here. they would be willing to vouch via skype. willing to sell 6 additional. PM.

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    Dec 2008


    what's your skype?

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    I'll sell 2 more copies and I am willing to negotiate $

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    skype is "jet.bots"

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    1 copy left

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    u niggas are dirty,
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    ill take some air jordans bro


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