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Thread: Help?

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    Default Help?

    I am trying to supplement my 9-5 with a little bit of internet money, what with the holidays coming up and all. I have no clue what to do, no clue how to get started, but I do have money to put into it. (Can't make money without spending some, ya know?)

    I don't want to do cam sign ups or anything of the sort. Nobody wants to take me seriously, but I would legitimately like to try something here. Help?

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    i would pay you $50 if you masterbate solo with a cucumber and eating a ppj samwich. pm me

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    internet money is not easy, you're not going to make money in a month, naive cunt. just go suck dicks.
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    You can try stealing ccvs or scamming people for quick cash but whitehat methods aren't going to net you anything by the holidays at all
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    what you got against cam :-(

    realistically if you want to make money by the holiday's this is what you would need to do.

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    are u hot mami? if u are go strip for a weekend or 2 gurl nobody gonna judge you get up their and shake dat ass an pop dat pussy you will get some gwap for holidays no prob

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    no one takes you seriously because you want to be spoon fed. people who ask "how do I make money online" don't. that's because making any real money in IM takes determination and the ability to think outside the box. with all the information thats available, if you can't even figure out where to start, then you don't have those qualities. I'm not trying to be a prick, I'm just telling you how it is.

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    Browse through here and a couple other similar sites (ie. BHW) to get a general idea of the things you can do. Having capital to invest puts you bounds ahead of most noobs. Find something and stick to it, whether you decide to do write articles, learn to build websites, resell fiverr gigs, push offers, whatever, just make sure you stick with it until you can't anymore, and try to actively learn and understand what you're doing rather than blindly following 'methods'.

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    Good advice in this thread. Unfortunately, if you're starting from scratch and don't know aren't going to make any cash by the holidays. Making money online takes tons of reading, and lots of trial and error.

    If you're serious about it, just read and try stuff. Drop what doesn't work, then keep+scale what does. Rinse and repeat.

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