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  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I JUST GOT INTERNET !!!!! How awesome I'm from the middle of nowhere PA originally- so i can commiserate with the 'nothing to do' viibe. My aim is brbtoast- which hopefully I'll be on here and then on weekends when I'm not as busy with school bs. ;] I love when babies sign in ASL because you can learn that faster than verbalization... and i have to admit ASL is fucking cool, it has complexity and syntax and we covered it a lil in this cognition course I took and it looks amazzzing. Now im browsin DG and waiting for my instant (ew) coffee to cool down (because I'm too lazy to BREW proper coffee).
  3. oh and was pretty good, and i think a lot of libraries would tend to have it (that or i have to admit i have a weakness for downloading books)----& i have the library as my location because when i'm at school i don't have tv/internet at my place so i spend a lot of time there...
    damn im chatty
  4. con't :YESSSS COFFEE. I am so bad with caffeine- if i don't have a waking cup of coffee or tea I'm uber irritable- it's such a bad habit... not to mention I left my coffee maker at school so I've been living off of instant which is gross and weak in comparison to regular. How can i recommend when I don't know your preferred genres? I'll read anything that I can get so lmk a genre ;p nbd on the livejournal, i feel like im passing notes in class or i use to write letters a lot to friends/ family and this has that sort of viibe. I genuinely never shut up so I pretty much rely on the other person to stop responding or for me to become so busy that I stop...
  5. I have little ears which look fairly ridiculous and i cannot imagine them on a dude BUT YES YOU MAY HAVE ONE FOR SURE. YES SINCE YOU CANT HEAR I WILL AGREE THAT MY VOICE IS IN THE TOP 10 OF VOICES. heh. My parents love CC for reasons beyond me... though I think my dad might be hard-o-hearing sometimes from all the loud work he does. I like CC because I forget that I'm reading it it's so second nature now. what is your first language??? omg do you read lips, because that is so effin cool. at school two semesters ago i had a deaf girl in my class and her ASL translator distracted the hell out of me, its so soothing to watch and far more interesting than math. I don't have any demonoid invites :[ mainly because i invited a friend and they didn't join ftl.
  6. hahahaaa loved the gif, excellent find. what do you need subtitles for? are you deaf? random: i'm used to reading the text for shows all the time now because my parents always have that on their tvs, and its awesome when whoever transcribed the show obviously did a shoddy job. psh piratebay i DO have a semi-respectable demonoid account ;p imma dl before i go back to skewl so i have something to watch while i do other stuff
  7. basically i think we just like ALL cartoons, which is sublime... and i haven't had a good cuddle in a while so ::cuddle::
    i seriously am thinking of dling some catdog now, i forgot i loved all those nickelodeon cartoons- my parents are anti-cable so I only was able to watch nickelodeon on special occasions (friends houses, grandparents, doctors office, rentals ROFL)

    lets do it up
    which cartoons? southpark-esque cartoons or nickelodeon-esque cartoons? or maybe family guy in a nod to the name bryan. I also like futurama.
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    I here if I give u moneys,you give me back more moneys
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    Dude, how come you're ignoring me?
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